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Listings is a platform for hosts to find verified products and services for their hosting needs, whether it be plumbing or home repairs to accounting or legal resources.

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We also feature discounts for guest services such as tours, which earn hosts referral bonuses.

Should you hire a property manager for your Airbnb? | The Host HQ

Here's when and how to hire a third-party service provider or property management company. Syed Lateef was working in corporate finance at Allstate during the real estate boom when he decided to jump into Airbnb hosting in Chicago. Within two months of his first listing, Lateef was earning up to triple the rent he was getting from long-term tenants.

How to insure your Airbnb like a business | The Host HQ

A commercial package is bigger than the sum of your homeowners insurance, Airbnb Host Protection and the Host Guarantee. Being an Airbnb host is more similar to running a cafe or a yoga studio than one might think. "If you own a home, you're dealing with business and you're dealing with the risks.